Solar Companies in San Jose, California

May 14, 2022 < 1 min

Solar Companies in San Jose, California

Why go solar in San Jose?

  • Economic growth
    • Solar jobs benefit all sectors
  • Financial incentives
    • Lower permitting and installation costs
  • Environmental protection
    • Reduce carbon emissions

Economic growth

By embracing innovation, San Jose cemented its reputation as the capital of Silicon Valley. Having already conquered computer tech, San Jose city leaders are looking toward the clean energy industry, hoping to attract 25,000 cleantech jobs by 2022.

If you install solar panels, you’ll contribute to a growing industry that will boost San Jose’s economy, much as Silicon Valley has. Solar industry careers pay well, and drive economic growth in multiple sectors.

Financial incentives

San Jose has a streamlined solar permitting process, making it much easier to go solar.

City leaders want to simplify solar permits, which sometimes make up to 40% of installation costs. In San Jose, you can receive your permit straight from your solar installer after completing a one-page application.

Along with statewide net metering incentives, Pacific Gas and Electricity customers can access rebates to reduce solar installation costs. Check with a solar installer to learn how much money you can save.

Environmental Protection

In 2011, San Jose’s total electricity use resulted in over 1,195,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

Unlike other forms of electricity generation, solar doesn’t give off harmful emissions that contribute to climate change in California. If you install solar panels, you’ll reduce your impact on the environment, and protect San Jose for future generations.