Solar Companies in San Francisco, California

May 14, 2022 < 1 min

Solar Companies in San Francisco, California

Why go solar in San Francisco?

  • Lower carbon footprint
    • Generate clean electricity
  • Financial incentives
    • Make solar more affordable
  • Reduce grid reliance
    • Become an energy producer, not just user

Lower your carbon footprint

By 2025, San Francisco hopes to reduce carbon emissions by 40% from their 1990 levels, helping to fight climate change and improve air quality.

By installing solar panels, you lower your carbon footprint and reduce the effects of climate change in San Francisco. Solar panels don’t give off any harmful emissions when they generate electricity, meaning you can combat climate change without changing your lifestyle.

Financial incentives

San Francisco residents can access city and state incentives to make solar installations more affordable.

GoSolarSF is a city program that offers incentives based on solar system size to residents, businesses, and nonprofits. They also have low-income financing options to ensure that everyone has access to solar.

You can also access California Solar Initiative incentives managed by Pacific Gas & Electric. Contact a solar installer to learn more about how much money you can save.

Reduce energy dependence

Installing solar panels makes you less vulnerable to unexpected electricity rate increases from utility companies.

Depending on the size of your system, you might even generate more electricity than you purchase from the grid, reducing reliance on PG&E. In a time of volatile energy prices, becoming an energy producer, not just a user, can lead to big savings down the road.