Solar Companies in San Diego, California

May 14, 2022 < 1 min

Solar Companies in San Diego, California

Why go solar in San Diego?

  • Energy Conservation
    • Conserve and generate electricity
  • Financial Incentives
    • Make solar more affordable
  • Lower bills
    • Insulate yourself from rate hikes

Energy Conservation

Conserving energy, particularly in hot summer months, helps prevent rolling blackouts that have affected San Diego in the past.

Installing solar panels goes a step further, not only reducing your reliance on the energy grid, but actually adding back to it at times. If you’re producing more electricity than you’re using, that excess electricity is sent to SDG&E, adding to their capacity.

Financial Incentives

In addition to statewide net metering incentives, San Diego residents can access both utility and city incentives to install solar panels.

SDG&E provides solar rebates through the California Solar Initiative. The program has distributed more than $168 million in incentives since 2007.

Additionally, qualified property owners can enter the Go Solar San Diego program, which offers loans to people making solar improvements on their homes and businesses.

Lower bills

Electricity bills across the country are on the rise. Most recently, SDG&E was granted a 7.6 percent rate increase – and you should expect further increases in the future.

By installing solar panels, you’ll avoid high electric bills, even in the face of rate increases. Depending on the size of your solar electric system, you could see a complete reduction of your electric bill.